Marriage Immigration Interview For A "Green Card" (Permanent Residence)

Marriage to a U.S. citizen is a common pathway to permanent residence for many immigrants. However, federal immigration law imposes strict and detailed requirements to make sure that the marriage is legitimate, and not just for immigration purposes.

Those who are engaged to U.S. citizens — or were married abroad — may need to start the process by obtaining a temporary fiance or spouse visa (K1 or K3 visa). These visas grant their holders the temporary right to live and work in the United States. Those who are not yet married must generally complete the marriage within a specific time frame after arriving in the U.S. on a K-1 visa. The immigrating spouse may then continue the process for obtaining conditional permanent residence. If the couple has been married more than two years at the time that residency is granted, the immigrating spouse may receive lawful permanent residence and not conditional permanent residence.

Detailed Guidance Through All Stages Of The Process

Many people do not realize how complex and time-consuming the immigration process can be, even in cases involving marriage to a U.S. citizen. The procedural hurdles, detailed paperwork and eligibility requirements can be overwhelming.

At the immigration law firm of Lisa E. Battan, P.C., in Boulder, Colorado, we provide experienced legal guidance through the marriage-based immigration process. Lawyer Lisa Battan has nearly two decades of experience navigating the complexities of immigration law. She has handled thousands of immigration cases. As a result, out firm provides knowledgeable, detail-oriented counsel through all stages of the process, from fiance visas through adjustment of status as well as the transition from conditional permanent residency to full-fledged permanent residence.

Walking You Through The Marriage Immigration Interview

One of the most critical steps in the permanent residence process for those immigrating through marriage is the personal interview before an immigration officer from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The interview can be stressful and anxiety-inducing, as much depends on its successful outcome. The intensive interview process is designed to identify issues of inadmissibility, fraudulent cases and sham marriages.

Our firm can assist you through the interview process and advise you on what to expect. In addition to preparing you fully in advance, attorney Lisa Battan will also accompany you and your spouse to the interview, giving you expert advice, peace of mind and an advocate who represents your interests.

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