Legal Advice For Undocumented Immigrants In Colorado

Undocumented immigrants face many unique challenges in daily life. Earning a living, maintaining a safe place to live and keeping your family together can require walking a tightrope between caution and survival. At the back of your mind may be the constant fear of getting caught and deported.

Whether you are currently facing removal (deportation) proceedings or you simply wish to explore your options, it is wise to seek qualified counsel from an experienced immigration attorney. In Colorado, attorney Lisa Battan at the law firm of Lisa E. Battan, P.C., can help you determine the best course of action for your immigration situation. With nearly two decades of immigration law experience — including experience handling thousands of cases — lawyer Battan understands the intricacies of federal immigration law.

Our firm can help you get the answers you need to understand your situation and protect your rights.

Exploring Your Options

Undocumented immigrants may be eligible for permanent residence or an immigrant visa through certain family members or employment options. More commonly, though, the pathways to legal status are not straightforward. We can analyze whether you qualify for more nuanced forms of immigration relief such as:

  • Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA): If you arrived in the U.S. as a child under age 16, you are under age 31, and you have lived here for a lengthy period of time, you may be eligible to avoid deportation and obtain work authorization.
  • T and U visas: If you are a victim of a serious crime or human trafficking, you might qualify for temporary lawful status and work authorization. These visas can also eventually lead to permanent residence and citizenship.
  • Voluntary departure: If you are in removal (deportation) proceedings and you may be able to qualify for a lawful immigration status in the future, voluntary departure can help keep that door open. It can avoid the harsh immigration consequences of having a formal removal order on your record.
  • Asylum, withholding of removal and deferral of removal: Victims of torture and persecution in their home countries may be able to avoid deportation by applying for one of these forms of relief. As with other types of immigration relief, you must meet detailed criteria to qualify.

We can also help you sort through obstacles to immigration relief such as unlawful presence in the U.S. and past crimes.

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